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Have you checked your smoke detectors lately? Are they monitored by ACS or are they simply electrician installed? Smoke, Heat and CO Detectors may be the most important devices in your home. In many cases they’re the only Life Safety Devices. Did you know that 70% of fire fatalities occur in homes without a working smoke detector? Experts estimate that 1 in 3 homes have at least one smoke detector that does not work! The most common causes:  disabling the detector by either removing the battery or disconnecting the detector all together; and age of the detector – manufacturers recommend replacing CO detectors every 5 years, Smoke detectors every 10. Did you know that ACS installed smoke detectors, because they are powered by the security system, generally do not have individual batteries which cause that annoying low battery “chirp”? More importantly, in the event of an alarm ACS installed smoke detectors signal an immediate Fire Department dispatch. Protect your family for both Safety and Fire, call ACS Security Systems today!

A L L   B U R G L A R Y  A L A R M S  A R E  V E R I F I E D

Sounds like ACS Security monitoring. One question, however, comes to mind… If visual or auditory sensors can’t verify the alarm signal, what happens? Can they dispatch? Have they verified anything? If the verification call coming via telephone or 2-way audio makes a difference to you, isn’t it nice to know that ACS offers both!

Some Helpful Tips for Alarm Users

  • · Please keep your Primary and Secondary Emergency Contact Information up-to-date.
  • · Please ensure that you have provided your Alarm Permit Number to ACS, as this is needed to facilitate dispatch.
  • · Memorization of your Confidential Identification Number can be useful. Please make sure to keep your Confidential Identification Card in a safe place so that you are able to find it when needed.
  • · Passwords can be given to any person(s) that you wish to have access to your Alarm System. In the event that your alarm is accidentally tripped, a password will allow cancellation of the dispatch of the Police, Fire and/or Rescue.
  • · In the event of an accidental alarm trip, please call Central Station (904) 388-6417 immediately. Have your Confidential Identification Number ready and please inform the operator that you accidentally set off the alarm and wish to cancel dispatch. 

ACS Security may be reached (904) 725-2240 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After normal office hours (Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 5 pm) the answering service will answer the phone and either take a message or in case of emergency contact the technician on call.

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